Biobuddies Toy Website

This toy line of fictional modular creatures is designed to provide children with a fun, interactive experience that allows for an outlet of critical thinking and building skills. The titular Biobuddies feature a series of different animal body parts that can be combined and rearranged to create a variety of different whimsical creatures. The companion website encapsulates the spirit of the toy and invites the audience into the world of Biobuddies. Colorful, illustrative imagery is used to frame photographic representations of the toy to create an environment for the Biobuddies to live in.


Screen, Identity, Website

Concept Sketches

These sketches depict concept art from the early stages of developing Biobuddies. Various approaches are made to define a friendly, whimsical art direction, as well as the actual functionality of the toy's modular components.


Identity, Concept Art

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